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Yellowing gardenia


Question: Apical yellowing of the gardenia

Apical yellowing of the gardenia. What is the cause.

Regular N, P, K fertilization, as well as abundant supply of iron with sulphate salt.

The answer is yours.

dr. Paolo Torrelli

Gardenia yellowing: Question: Apical yellowing of gardenia

Dear Paolo,

there are several causes:

1) too abundant watering. Remember that gardenia is an acidophilic plant and therefore it is advisable to use descaled water.

During the spring-summer period it must be wet abundantly

in any case avoiding water stagnation (especially in winter).

Use a specific liquid fertilizer for acidophilic plants every time the plant gets wet but suspend fertilization during the winter.

2) repotting the plant with soil not suitable for acidophilic plants (to be clear, the common universal soil is not suitable for gardenia);

3) relative humidity of the surrounding environment too low (ie the air is too dry, for example because the plant is located near heaters, heat sources, etc ... For this reason, it is usually advisable to spray the plant daily);

4) drafts of cold air (which make the buds and leaves still green).

For the future I suggest you to place the plant outside (until October) in a bright but not too sunny area (an exposure to the east with morning sun is fine).

For more information, see also the specific form on the gardenia that you will find in the "houseplants" section.